We are Patrick and Sylvia and come from the Randstad. We have been on many beach holidays. As our perfect holiday is one that is close to the sea. We have always been dreaming of our own home close to the beach. Near the sea, we were able to unwind, come to ourselves and enjoy fully.

In March 2016 our dream finally became reality. We bought our corner House with a holiday home on the Boulevard Ir de Vassy in Egmond aan zee. With close proximity to the beach. Yet, a huge home renovation and remodelling had to be undergone before everything was the way we fancied. Providentially, it is now completely new and exactly the way we wished for. 

Not only we got a dream realized, but the place where we came to live, Egmond aan zee, met our wishes perfectly. The friendly ” village feeling ”, and the fact that all you need is in within easy reach. Such as, shops, beach, dunes and the boulevard. Clearly, we find this the ideal place to stay, as it has brought us true happiness. 

Holiday rental:

After we had rented an apartment on the beach ourselves years ago, we got the honour to meet the landlord, by that time we thought: ” this man has nice work ”. He always receives cheerful people with a holiday mood and contributes to a wonderful experience. By having conversations with holiday-makers we can recommend and encourage people to do nice things in the area, in order to make the most of their vacation. Not only will they have a great holiday, but we enjoy them having fun as well as, it is very satisfying to see that they are enjoying their very deserved vacation. By ensuring that everything for a comfortable stay in our accommodations is present and well-prepared for, we can contribute to a great holiday experience. For instance, sleeping on an uncomfortable bed is “not done”, everyone wants to sleep in a nice comfy bed. With which, you can sleep well, wake up feeling refreshed, and start your trip on the right foot.

The feeling of being at home without stress

We truly believe that for having a great time people need to feel at home when they are on vacation. With this in mind, we are pursuing to ensure that everyone has a chance to treat themselves to a wonderful time at sea. Stay in a luxurious cottage with beautiful surroundings. At a place where you are away from everything, where you get the chance to unwind yourself. Our Holiday home will help you to get the most of your holiday with, every modern convenience to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

We hope to welcome you soon in one of our accommodations and to get the opportunity of showing you what fine holiday-residence we have created.  Spacious, clean and modern, with a great location from which everything is in walking distance.

Boulevard Ingenieur de Vassy 56

1931 CR Egmond aan Zee

Phone: +31 (0)6 48 26 37 63

Email: info@gelukkigaanzee.nl