Happy by the sea

Why does the sea make people happy?

The sea works as a calming source, it is never the same and always on the move. Here one can perceive the finest nature sounds, like the sound of the waves that wash up on the beach, some of them rippling and others wild. Also, the sound of seagulls who are flying soar freely in the distance. Not only the fine sounds but also the truly impressive surroundings make a unique and stunning view, which at their turn will give you the most wonderful experience.

The sea air is healthy and contributes to a sense of pure nature freedom. Walk along the coastline, barefoot or well dressed and get a nice breath of fresh air. Which is something people love to do. You can sunbathe and relax on the breath-taking beach or have something to eat by the seaside at sunset. Even children are delighted by the sea. Just think of endless building sand castles, mixing sand with water and in between a break to have some fries or ice cream. For sure, they will have a wonderful time, just like yourself. Give yourself a special vacation on the beach.

Egmond aan zee

A popular seaside city.

Egmond  aan Zee, a cosy village on the North Sea coast in the Dutch province of North Holland has both the beach, a lively boulevard and village centre. On the recreation beach, you will not get bored, there are often numerous activities organized.  It is positioned in a beautiful setting, surrounded by a nature reserve consisting of large dunes, heathland area.

In addition, it is near other beautiful places like Bergen aan Zee and the woods where one can do several activities in the open nature. Containing extensive bicycle and hiking routes, which are popular activities in the area. Added to this, the coastal village is near Alkmaar, a city with a lot of culture and history and a city that is definitely worth a visit.


Egmond aan zee is located in the North Holland dune reserve, which is one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands. The area extends from the areas of Tata Steel at Wijk aan Zee to the Schoorlse Dunes.


The Egmond beach is a beautiful wide and long sand beach that smoothly connects to the beach of Bergen aan zee. The seaside town of Egmond aan zee is especially popular among people who love cosines and like to socialise. In addition, there is not only the beach where one can enjoy themselves, you can walk easily through the cosy village, and there is, of course, the boulevard, where you can walk along its’ shops. It is a nice place to relax. Or enjoy the lovely tranquility that surrounds you from the unique Lighthouse Jan van Speijk.


Many people get an extra holiday feeling when they do not have to cook during their holiday. If you feel the same, then Egmond aan zee is the right choice for you and you have come to the right place. In the village, on the boulevard, and along the beach there are many dining options where you can enjoy the culinary delight. The more than excellent fish restaurants for the real connoisseurs are within walking distance from the beach. Furthermore, there are several restaurants which even lay at the beach itself. You can visit the beach pavilions for a cup of coffee, a refreshment or an ice-cream. Moreover, you could have a lovely meal, which is a real delight at sunset. Ultimately, the cafés and restaurants with their great views will certainly bring you into a romantic holiday mood.

Boulevard Ingenieur de Vassy 56

1931 CR Egmond aan Zee

Phone: +31 (0)6 48 26 37 63

Email: info@gelukkigaanzee.nl